How much does it cost to charge an electric scooter UK?

Is there a high cost? How much does it cost to charge? I’ve done some research about the costs of charging and electric scooter. If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, I am sure you have wondered the cost of how much it is to charge an electric scooter.

The average cost to charge an electric scooter is £0.15-£0.30. It also depends upon the model of the electric scooter. For example, it takes only an hour to charge the Micro Falcon X3 because of its lightweight.

In the EU you will be looking at an average of 0.10 euros per charge. For example in France it would be around 0.07 euros.

But let’s break it down a bit more…

The only difference between the electric scooters and ordinary scooters is the harmful emission of pollutants like carbon dioxide and noise from the petrol scooters, while electric scooters lack this feature.

Due to the aesthetic designs, appealing colors, and unique features, electric scooters have become the apple of the eye for everyone in no time.

Electric scooters are classified as L1e vehicles. This means that these types of vehicles may have two to three wheels, and they propel at a speed limit of 25 km/h, and its power capacity should not be more than 1000 Watt.

Electric scooters give a green, clean, and enjoyable, fun, and fashion ride. They are alternative to other forms of transport, whether for leisure or domestic use. They can also be used commercially for delivery and courier work.

Electric scooters are legal in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Currently, they have been legalized in the UK, but on a rental basis only, still, the use of personal electric scooters is considered an offense in the UK. But there are plans in place to legalise by the end of 2021. Check out more updated information about electric scooters in the UK here.

The age limit to ride an electric scooter in the UK should be above 16 years. They were wearing a helmet while riding is also necessary.

Electric Scooter charging cost
Electric scooter charging cost

Speed of an electric scooter

The electric scooters may have a maximum speed of 67kph (42mph). This motor makes its speed equivalent to 50cc petrol scooters.

How to calculate the cost per charge

The cost per charge of an electric scooter depends upon the following two factors. The prime factor is the size of the battery, and the second factor is the cost of electricity.


One of the best selling electric scooters is the Xiaomi M365. The size of its battery is 280 Wh. The current electricity cost during the daytime is 14.979 p/kWh and 8.596 p/kWh during the night.

Cost per charge = size of battery x cost of electricity

(To get the battery size in kilowatts: (280Wh / 1000) = 0.28kWh)

Cost per charge during the day time

               =  0.28 kWh x  14.979 p/kWh 

               = 4.2 pence


Cost per charge during the night

               =  0.28 kWh x  8.596 p/kWh 

               = 2.4 pence

The data depicts that charging an electric scooter at night would be a better and more economical option than during the day.

The cost of charging an electric scooter
Charging an electric scooter

Hence the cost of electricity to charge the battery entirely comes out to be 10 – 15 pence. This is equivalent to the cost of petrol that can drive to a distance of 550 km.

There are no other significant running costs other than the charging cost of the electric scooters. Additional maintenance and service charges will include the regular checking of the tires and brakes.

The average cost to charge an electric scooter is £0.15-£0.30. It also depends upon the model of the electric scooter. For example, it takes only an hour to charge the Micro Falcon X3 because of its lightweight.

Similarly, the range covered also depends upon the size of the battery. So if you are looking to ride the electric scooter at high speed and for an extended time, then it will be wise to go for a battery that takes a long time to recharge.

It will save your money in a way that depends on how often your battery needs to be charged. It takes 6 hours for the Erget-Ten V3 to charge, but gives an impressive range of 42km and can meet speeds up to 30km/h.

Types of batteries in electric scooters

With the advancement within science and technology, different types of rechargeable batteries have been made available. For the optimum performance of electric scooters, Lithium phosphate batteries are used.

Lithium Phosphate batteries

The Lithium Phosphate Battery is the latest, high power, and lightweight rechargeable battery used for the electric scooters. The Lithium Phosphate battery has the following features.

  • Light in weight ( approx 1/3rd the weight of Lead Acid batteries).
  • It has a high current discharge performance. It is an excellent feature for traveling uphill on an electric scooter.
  • Has a High-performance capacity of greater than 170mah/g
  • Extremely safe and stable as it is non-explosive and has high thermal stability of up to 500 degrees Celsius.
  • It has an extraordinarily long life cycle life of around 5-7 years or >2000 full recycles
  • It has a rapid recharging capability
  • Non-toxic, non contaminating, easy to dispose of. It is 100 % recyclable. These features make it environmentally friendly
  • It has an extensive working temperature -45° to +70°

These features show that none of the batteries is as safe, flexible, and high performing like Lithium Phosphate batteries.


The shelf life of a Battery

The life of a battery depends upon several factors like weather conditions, type of vehicle, and way of riding a vehicle. Proper care and maintenance of the vehicle can increase the expected shelf life of the battery. The Lithium Phosphate batteries may have experienced greater than 2000 cycles. Battery life also decreases with the age of the vehicle.

How much time taken to recharge the battery

The  Lithium Phosphate and Silicon batteries take 6 to 8 hours for a full charge.

The digital battery charger will go into the ‘trickle charge’ mode automatically once the battery gets fully charged to protect the battery from overcharging.

Battery Charge Indicator

A charge indicator is on the display console as a fuel gauge to view the remaining charge on the battery.

Do Electric Scooters worth the cost?

Electric scooters have gained popularity in different parts of the world. There is no age restriction in riding this vehicle. All children, adults, and old age people enjoy their ride equally. For the electric scooter beginners, there are electric scooter models that start from £ 80, and they are perfect for the age of 8 years and above. These scooters have vibrant colors and good battery life, initially, parents don’t have to worry about the maintenance charges. The electric scooters, as compared to other vehicles, need less maintenance as there is no fuel burnt inside its engine, so there is no hassle of tuning.

The electric scooters come in different styles, sizes, colors, and features. Some scooters are better suited for kids, while others have features for adults. For adults, some higher-end models of electric scooters may cost more than £ 450, which gives the speed up to 15 mph and a battery charge time up to 4 hours.

Charging an electric scooter cost
Charging an electric scooter

Hence there is a wide variety of electric scooters that cover almost everyone’s price range. The choice of an electric scooter depends on the rider’s age or the purpose it is used. This is the one-time investment for the fun and joy ride of the whole family.

The journey of electric scooters is fun, fast, and trendy. In many major cities, the electric scooter is a preferred mode of transportation because it has a lot of benefits over the other means of transportation.

Whatever size and style you choose, it is always a thrill to ride with the throttle’s twist or just with a push button, which makes the rider a forever fan of the scooter ride.

Within the past few years, it is seen that the growth of the electric scooters has increased exponentially. One may wonder that are the electric scooters worth buying as it is a transport of the future.

There is a long-range of electric scooters available in the market that one can buy, keeping in mind his needs and, most importantly, his budget.

Xiaomi Mi M365

This electric scooter runs to a maximum speed of 15. 5 MPH with a motor of 250 Watts. Under specific conditions, its high capacity battery gives a maximum travel range of up to 18. 6 miles.

It is easy to fold and easy to carry when necessary and a robust frame made up of aerospace-grade aluminum.

It also has an eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system. The 8.5 inch diamtere tires are air filled. They have an impressive feature of shock absorbance.

This makes it easy to ride on grass and smooth cemented roads. Its controls are easy to learn for everyone. Its price is £380. It is an all-rounder and topmost selling electric scooter in the world. Check the latest price on Amazon here.

Egret Ten V3 Electric Scooter

None other scooters like the Egret-Ten are available in the market. It is an electric scooter with the best specification and highest build quality. The 10 inch wide pneumatic tires give you a bump and stress-free ride on a cracked road. Its powerful battery provides a range with up to 26 miles before the next change. Despite its other specifications, it can easily be folded and adjusted in the back of the car or under the train’s seat. These qualities make this electric scooter an ideal choice for thrill-seekers. It is a perfect ride for a long journey in a hilly area. Its cost is about £1000, check an updated price on Amazon here.

Ninebot Segway E22E Electric Scooter

The Ninebot Segway E22E is a next-generation electric scooter. It is extremely light in weight and can be easily folded. It can be easily stored in the back seat of the car. Easy to carry in hand.

It has a compact design with a battery of 187 Wh. To boost up the visibility it has reflectors and LED lights all around. This improves the safety of riders in the dark.  

It takes around 3.5 hours to get charged fully and gives a maximum speed of 20km/h (12.4mph) and an optimum range of 22km. It can support a maximum load of 100 kg.

With a powerful motor of 300W, it can be easily ridden on inclined surfaces, so it is a good choice for the folks living in the hilly areas. Its cost is about £389. Check the price on Amazon here.

Microfalcon X3

The Micro Falcon X3 is an ideal electric scooter in the urban environment. Its weight is 7.9 kg, making it one of the lightest and easily portable electric scooters available.

It provides 3hr charging and a maximum speed of 15mph and a range of 15 miles. This electric scooter gets fully charged in just an hour and has an adjustable handlebar height.

This electric scooter has a battery with a power of 500 W. It is provided with rear lights, which makes them good visibility in the dark and is a perfect choice for long journeys.

Check some eScooters here on Amazon here.

Electric Scooter Maintenance Cost

For the smooth running of an electric scooter, its regular maintenance is necessary. If you want to keep An electric scooter running, its deep cleaning is necessary after a few weeks.

The dirt in the tires can be damaging and can, in turn, affect the smooth running of the electric scooter. So regular check-ups of electric scooters are necessary for efficient running.

A poorly maintained scooter may need a specialized technician at the end for its survival. This might increase the cost of the electric scooter and end you up in frustration.

So it is recommended to always purchase an inner tube sealant for the tires. It costs only £7.49 and protects the tires and prevents them from puncturing for an extended period of time.

The electronic components of the electric scooter (e.g., charger, battery, motor, sensors, and controller, etc.) are sealed and require no specialized service, only routine cleaning, and lubrication of the parts would be sufficient. It is also recommended to perform service and cleaning, as mentioned in the manual provided by the manufacturer.

Total Ownership Cost of an eScooter

It is surprising to see how little electric scooters cost overall. Based on owning the top-selling Xiaomi M365 for two years, the cost of the average use of an electric scooter is broken down as follows.

Xiaomi Mi M365£398.99
Bell Local Helmet£29.99
Ultra 410 D- Lock + Cable£25.99
Inner Tube Sealant x 2£14.98

If you had ten journeys in a week on your e-scooter and charged it after each journey spent £8.80 a week as charging costs.

For two years, the initial investment, combined with the cost of charging, would become £681.15. When compared with the costs of other means of transportation, you would come to know how affordable your transport is.

Buying an electric scooter is not just a purchase, but it will change your mindset and lifestyle, too, as electric scooters have immense benefits that can not be denied.

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