Reasons why you are likely to get into an accident on an electric scooter

Electric Scooters still illegal in the UK

I decided to look into the reasons why an accident may happen before getting an electric scooter. An accident can easily occur when using an electric scooter. An accident is prone with small vehicles like electric scooters.

Reasons that may cause an accident when using an electric scooter
Poor braking technology
Poor lighting on the electric scooter
No helmet or head gear
Road hazards
Malfunction of the electric scooter
Swerving on an electric scooter

Electric scooters are not only fun to ride, but they are incredibly economical. These vehicles are designed to be operated by a single individual only.

The number of electric scooter accidents has increased by 222%. See the report by Marketwatch here for the full report.

These are statistics from the U.S. As they are still illegal in the UK, there is not much data on the number of accidents. Read here as to why electric scooters are illegal in the UK.


Electric scooters require charging before use. It usually takes about 8 hours to charge the scooter fully. Electricity from wall outlets is enough to power up these electric vehicles. CHAdeMO chargers are also available as an accessory to charge these electric scooters. 95% of the battery can be recharged within one hour using these level 2 chargers.


Electric scooters can generate torque instantly than conventionally fuel powered scooters. They have better acceleration from 0-60 because of that instant torque generation.


Electric scooters have a decent range of 210 kilometers per single charge. One of the models, ZEV 10 LRC, has the most extended range for an electric scooter. These electric powered vehicles can go as far as 220 kilometers.


If you’re looking for a quiet ride, then electric scooters are the best choice for vehicles. These motorized vehicles are incredibly silent over conventional gasoline scooters.

Fuel Cost

These scooters are incredibly affordable and reliable. Their fueling cost depends upon the price of electricity in your area. Around £22 of electricity is enough to ride an electric scooter for at least 2800 kilometers.


Little maintenance is required for electric scooters compared to conventional bikes. Where tuning, lubrication, and regular maintenance are necessary.

Reasons Why You Are Likely To Get Into An Accident On An Electric Scooter

The electric scooters are commonly seen on the roads in the UK. In the year 2019 and the month of July, a British YouTuber, Emily Hartrige, collapsed in an accident between her electric scooter and a truck in London.

No doubt, there are a lot of benefits of electric scooters. They are pocket friendly; battery operated so no hassle of buying fuel and noise-free. Apart from these advantages, they may have many disadvantages, which majorly lead to life-threatening injuries; some of the reasons are summed up below.

1) Small Tires of electric scooters

Most of the time, the design of the electric scooter is blamed for the accidents. The diameter of the tire of the electric scooter ranges from 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

This less diameter of tires makes them more prone to accidents while overcoming tremendous obstacles majorly on an unpaved road or a stone path.

A smaller tire of the scooter has to exert more force to overcome a big hurdle.

Being safe on an electric scooter to avoid an accident

There are two types of tires used in electric scooters. One is pneumatic (air-filled), and the other one is solid (airless).

In rainy conditions or a slippery road due to oil, pneumatic tires are less prone to accidents than the solid tires due to the higher coefficient of friction than the solid tires.

The smaller tires lose stability quickly as these tires are cheap and have low maintenance compared to a larger size of the tire. The larger tire can easily pass on the obstacles, so no accidents.

2) Poor braking technology of electric scooters

One of the essential safety features of electric scooters is the brake. Electric scooters have different types of brakes. The safest and best example of restraint is the disc brake, while electronic, regenerative, and foot brakes are the weak braking systems.

Unfortunately, most of the electric scooters are equipped with an electronic brake. These inadequate braking systems make it hard to stop a scooter within a narrow time frame.

So the scooter can hit the car very quickly if someone stops a vehicle immediately in front of him, and when hit by the vehicle, the rider has to rush to the hospital. In case of severe head injury, the rider may end up in an ICU.

3) Smaller rear lights of electric scooters

Another factor for accidents due to electric scooters is poor visibility at night. This inconvenience happens due to the smaller size of the backlights of the scooter.

Reported data, show most of the accidents occurred at night between 6 to 12 pm because the car drivers are unable to see the riders and the scooter from a far distance due to small lights.

Moreover, this backlight is only at the height of a few inches above the ground.

4) Less helmet usage

A helmet is worn on the head to protect the head from significant injuries during an accident. Due to lightweight and small size, electric scooters can exceed the speed of 64 km/hr.

At this high speed of the scooter, a helmet becomes a significant necessity to wear to avoid severe head injuries. The significance of the use of a helmet while riding a scooter can not be denied.

Wearing a helmet decreases the risk of the accident to a more significant extent and vice versa.

On the other hand, lesser usage of helmets while riding a scooter leads to an increased number of accidents, most common are head injuries, mostly brain hemorrhages.

So the scooter manufacturing companies should encourage the riders to wear a helmet while driving.

5) Road hazards

Out of the other reasons for the accident by an electric scooter, bumpy roads, uneven speed breakers, fallen twigs and branches of trees, puddles can not be avoided.

The rough road and potholes on which larger vehicles can pass easily, electric scooters fail to pass through them easily due to much smaller wheels.

While going through the cracked roads, the rider becomes the victim of an accident unintentionally, especially when riding high.

6) Malfunctioning of the electric scooter

Some malfunctions that occur will be the manufacturer’s responsibility. These scooter manufacturing companies might be responsible for the significant injuries to the riders due to reasons like defective brake system, issues in the electric motor, flat or worn-out tires, and collapsible handlebar.

Due to the purposes mentioned above, a rider can easily fall prey to a road accident if he is not wearing a helmet.

7) Swerving an electric scooter

Swerving an electric scooter can cause a hazard because of having a two-tire system. An electric scooter can lose its balance quite quickly, causing an accident.

Besides all the primary reasons for accidents caused by electric scooters, their efficiency and advantage can not be ignored. Every object has some pros and cons, and basically, its use makes it harmful or beneficial for us.

Despite the no fuel intake, this electric scooter is environment friendly as it has no contribution to polluting this earth.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to ride and friendly on the pocket too. Due to its smaller size, it is easy to park wherein the big metropolitan cities, and parking is a huge problem.

These electric vehicles are noise-free and require very little maintenance as compared to the other cars, which run on fuels and lubrication, and tuning becomes necessary for them in order to run them properly.

Electric Scooters still illegal in the UK

A substantial increase in the sale of these electric scooters is growing with the corresponding increase in the number of accidents as well.

This is when electric scooters are not appropriately driven, or personal protection is avoided.

As this scooter is convenient and fun to ride, simultaneously, the rider gets easily injured as well.

Apart from the brain injuries, other common injuries may include fractured fore and hind limbs, abrasions and scratches, damage of nerve or ligament, and other than that death can be the worst case.

These electric scooters can pose as a threat to the public and pedestrians.

Many of the riders don’t bother to wear a helmet or ride them in crowded places. So the electric scooter riders put pedestrians’ lives in danger too when operated improperly.

In case of any injury, these riders can not claim any liability coverage, which makes it difficult to bear the hospital expenses.

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